Unshakable, Immovable, Untouched by the Storms

I call you unshakable and immovable in this present storm, says the LORD. The floods that endeavor to destroy you will not even be a threat, for you are fixed securely in ME.  I am the foundation that you rest upon and you cannot be moved.  The storms will come. The winds of adversity will blow against you, but you will remain untouched by them.  I Am your shelter in the times of storm and you are always secure in ME at all times.  The violence that is all around you will not affect you, for I Am your protection.   I Am the one who quiets the storms and gives you sustainable peace regardless of the magnitude of the storm, says the LORD.

All of your times are in My hands and nothing takes Me by surprise, says the LORD.  Sudden storms do not take Me off guard, for I know about them before they occur. I Am your Master Builder, and I have made you solid and secure.  Nothing about you is inferior and inept. I have made you strong in Me and there is nothing that you cannot withstand as you trust in My workmanship in your life.  What I have created in you is good.  I have perfectly prepared you for every good purpose and when winds cease and the floods abate, and there is a great calm, you will have suffered no loss and will still be standing, untouched and unmarred by the storms of life that will never shake you off your foundation in Me, says the LORD.

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