You Are Not Alone in Your Struggles

Fear not, says the LORD. You are not alone in your struggles. I Am your assurance of success. I Am with you to guarantee your victory. For what I give you is weapons that cannot be over-powered. I cannot be defeated, and I Am the One who stands alongside of you to help you. You never have to face the

Place of Safety

I Am your hiding place and place of safety at all times, says the LORD. You are safe with ME. I will shield you and guard you at all times and secure you. There is no power that can overwhelm Me, and you are within My care, says the LORD. Do not fret about the enemy, for he cannot conquer

Your Struggles

I see your struggles and Know the difficulties that you are having. I even know the questions that you have, says the Lord. I Am the One who is called along side to help you at all times and will see you through.  I Am with you in the times when you cannot understand. I Know the sorrow that you have endured. I see your pain, and I care about you.  It touches My