Safe and Secure

I Am your hiding place and place of safety at all times, says the LORD. You are safe with ME. I will shield you and guard you at all times and secure you. There is no power that can overwhelm Me, and you are within My care. Do not fret about the enemy, for he cannot conquer me; therefore He cannot conquer you. He is not bigger than Me, and with Me on your side, He cannot destroy you. Trust that I have you in the shelter of My arms that created you, and I will protect you and provision you always. My grace for you is abundant. I fully furnished all that you have need of on the table of My presence. IT was purchased for you through My shed blood and death on the cross for you says the LORD.

Do not overlook My constant, infallible goodness and mercy for you, says the LORD. I have already prepared everything that you have need of and placed it on the table of My presence. Come and dine and discover what have
prepared for you. There are lots of surprises that await you. Let your struggle cease. Let your self-help come to a halt as you realize your need of ME and the fullness that I have for you. I never expected you to do things by yourself. Yoke up with Me, for you have struggled long enough. My easy yoke and light burden are what I want you to connect with and entrust all things to ME, says the LORD,

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