Daily Devotional: Healing

Lord, we thank you, that not only do you see my tears, but you bottle them. You are mindful of my infirmities that touch your heart. I have the assurance that not only do you hear my prayers, but you will answer them, and bring me healing in my body, soul, heart, life and all my situations. Amen.

Daily Devotional: God Will Wipe Away Your Tears

Thank you, Lord, that you will wipe all the tears from My eyes, as you turn my sorrow into joy. I will rejoice and be glad, for I can depend upon you to answer My prayers, and intervene in my life, as you heal, repair, revive, restore, and renew Me, because I make you My trust at all times. Amen.

Just Hold On

JUST HOLD ON You will NEVER be able to experience pain beyond your ability to love. NEVER! One time I asked the Lord to give me a heart of love like He had, so I can love like He does. He replied, “You have asked a hard thing!” He did not say he would answer that prayer, I am not

I Will Never Forget You

I have heard your cry, says the LORD. I have bottled your tears. That is how attentive I Am to You, and just how much I take notice of EVERY teardrop. Not one of them are shed without My knowledge and they are preserved and ever before me. I will never forget you and you will never be forsaken by

Fear Not

Fear NOT, says the LORD. Fear is not of ME. It is tormenting, and I never came to torment you. I never came to cause you to be terrorized. I never caused you to tremble in fear of the unknown future. It is known to ME. When will you trust that I AM in control? I control everything! I Am

I Will Answer

I have heard your prayers and seen your tears and I will answer every one of them, says the LORD. I have not been ignorant of the desires of your heart, and will never ignore you or abandon you. I will not withhold anything good from you. You are valued by Me always. I only have good things in store