I Will Never Forget You

I have heard your cry, says the LORD. I have bottled your tears. That is how attentive I Am to You, and just how much I take notice of EVERY teardrop. Not one of them are shed without My knowledge and they are preserved and ever before me. I will never forget you and you will never be forsaken by Me. I know the pain that you bear, and it touches Me deeply, says the LORD.

You cannot suffer without Me. Says the LORD. As one sparrow does not fall to the ground without my notice, your worth far exceeds many of them. Yet I created them and if I care for them, now much more will I care about you? You have suffered WITH ME, and you will reign with Me. It is NOT in vain. You will have double pleasure for every pain, and you will be comforted on every side where you were troubled on every side, and I will restore you, says the LORD.

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