My Will

I Am not the author of sickness and disease, says the LORD.  Do not let the enemy convince you that it is My will for you and it will bring glory and honor to My name.  I Am not glorified in what the enemy does.  For it is his diabolical work.  He comes to steal, kill and destroy. He comes

Exchange Your Will for Mine

Exchange your will for Mine, says the LORD. For what you want is so inferior to what I have planned for you. Your way is insufficient and My higher thoughts and plans and ways are right for you. You will never want to forfeit My plans for you, for My vision is greater than yours. My desires for you exceed

I Will Order My Will

Not only will I order your steps, but I will order My will to be done in you as it is in heaven, says the LORD. For as I watch over My Word to perform it, you can know that My Word is My will. I watch over My will to perform it and I will hasten it, says the

My Will Shall Be Done

My will shall be done in you as it is in heaven when you resign yourself to it, says the LORD. Desire it to happen. Trust that I know what is best for you. Believe that My wisdom is desirable and My timing is best. I will not withhold anything good from you. I have everything that you need. Every