I Am Your Savior, Healer, Deliverer, Restorer

I Am not the author of sickness and disease, says the Lord.  Do not let the enemy convince you that it is My will for you and it will bring glory and honor to My name.  I Am not glorified in what the enemy does.  For it is his diabolical work.  He comes to steal, kill and destroy. He comes to weaken and impoverish.  He comes to depress you and cast you down.  I cannot be glorified in the works of the evil one that I have come to destroy, says the Lord.   

I have come to give you light, not darkness, says the Lord.  I have come to heal you and deliver you from all of the destruction of the enemy.  I have come to lift you up and hold you up and keep you up on your feet as you walk in the light that I give you.  I have come that you might have abundant life, not death.  I will not tear you down, but build you up. I have no pleasure in sickness, pain or poverty.  None of that originates from Me, but the dark one. I desire you to be healed and whole, strong and joyful.  I have come to liberate you and give you unspeakable joy. I have come for you to have more than enough, not just to get by.  For I will be all that you need Me to be, and My blessings will enrich you without bringing you any sorrow.  My Name is glorified as your savior, your healer, your deliverer, your restorer, as you receive My abundant blessings and worship Me with all your heart, says the Lord.

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