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  • Apr 29@ 12:05 amJune Reinke

    I Am Your Portion

    I Am your portion, says the Lord, and it is not insignificant. I always give you great and precious promises that I fulfill. I have made you royalty and clad you with My glory. You have been given authority and your name is linked with Mine. I have given you honor, because you have honored Me. I have positioned you in My kingdom and assigned you to active duty as a child, not just a servant. You are MY beloved child, for I have cleansed and purified you with My own blood and broken body on the tree, and purchased you as My own. My death has given you life, and My resurrection power is in you as I live+

  • Press into My Presence

    Press into My presence, says the LORD.  Come empty and hungry.  Thirst for ME, the living GOD.  Desire Me and seek My face!  Do not become satisfied with left over anointing!  I have fresh oil for you.  Do not eat+

  • Don’t Forget the Benefits

    Don’t forget the benefits that I have given you daily, says the Lord. Focus on them and give Me credit for them and be filled with praise and thanksgiving for all that I Am and all that I have been+

  • Don’t Succumb to Depression

    Don’t succumb to depression, says the LORD. Fight against it, for it is not of Me. Darkness can be defeated with the light that I have given you. Rise up and conquer the illegitimate thoughts that the enemy is planting+

  • Announcing PropheticLight.Org

    Feb 3@ 10:08 amMichael Hartmann

    We proudly announce the PropheticLight.Org Website!  In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was+