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  • Mar 24@ 12:05 amJune Reinke

    The Winds of Change

    The winds of change are blowing, says the LORD. I will change things and turn them around. I will shake things by My the winds of My SPIRIT and move obstacles out of the way. I will stir things up and remove things that are standing in the way of My Spirit of revival and renewal. I will breath new life into the deadness and dryness and lifelessness and restore by My resurrection power. For I Am life and light and I will bring change to you, and pour out My SPIRIT of revival in you, says the LORD. I will remove the stagnation as the winds of My Spirit cause a rippling effect. I will remove the scum and+

  • Nothing Escapes My Attention

    The things that are out of your control are not out of MY control, says the LORD. Nothing escapes My attention and nothing challenges My authority. I cannot be moved. Trust in Me, regardless of the size of the storm+

  • Abundance of Grace

    I will give you an abundance of grace and fill you with My glory, says the LORD. For there is a never ending supply. My mercy for you endures forever. My love for you is without interruption. It never fails.+

  • I Am a God of Miracles

    I Am a GOD of miracles, says the LORD. I ask you, what will you believe Me for? What will you expect Me to do? Who will you proclaim that I Am? What will you receive from ME? For there+

  • Announcing PropheticLight.Org

    Feb 3@ 10:08 amMichael Hartmann

    We proudly announce the PropheticLight.Org Website!  In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was+