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  • Oct 23@ 10:49 pmJune Reinke

    You Are Special to Me!

         Troubles are not My prescription for your life, says the LORD.  The enemy is the one that endeavors to burden you and load you down with the cares of this life.  He is the master of distraction and discouragement.  But He is NOT your Master.  Shake off his illegitimate mockery of you and close your eyes to what his arrogant behavior. For you need not be harassed by him, and all that he speaks is lies and accusations to belittle you and bring you into condemnation.  Move away from these diabolical and dark ways, and look up to Me.  For you will not hear negative and destructive things coming out of MY mouth, says the LORD. I will encourage+

  • My Directions for you are Flawless

    Everything that I do is precise, says the LORD.  I make NO mistakes in My directions for you. I never need a plan B or c, for plan A is till on the table.  It did not change, for it+

  • I Am Your Anchor

         I Am your anchor that will hold you and give you stability at all times, regardless of the violence of the storm, says the LORD.  You need not be tossed and turned by the instability of the times that+

  • Revival Fires Will Fall

    Revival fires will fall, says the LORD. I will revive in the north, the south, the east and the west, and no one will be left behind that is seeking My face. For I will not rain in just one+