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  • Dec 6@ 12:05 amJune Reinke

    You Are Not Alone in Your Struggles

    Fear not, says the LORD. You are not alone in your struggles. I Am your assurance of success. I Am with you to guarantee your victory. For what I give you is weapons that cannot be over-powered. I cannot be defeated, and I Am the One who stands alongside of you to help you. You never have to face the enemy without My presence, My Power and My angelic host that wars with you against the enemy. I Am the Greater ONE that knows NO limits, has never been threatened, and cannot be intimidated. I have made you like Me, and have given you the Sword of MY Spirit so that you can do great feats for Me. I have+

  • Look Ahead

    Look ahead, says the LORD, for what is ahead is your destiny. Your past is past. Your future is determined by Me. It is your destiny and it is good. Do not fret about the days ahead, for I will+

  • I Have given You Abundant Life

    I have given you abundant life in Me, says the LORD. It is abundant NOW, not some day. I have given you abundant grace! I AM more than enough for you. You will not just get by with My grace+

  • I Am Light in You

    I AM light in you, says the LORD. I Am your salvation, your place of safety, your defense and your keeper that gives you everything that you need. I Am your all in all. There is none other beside Me.+

  • Announcing PropheticLight.Org

    Feb 3@ 10:08 amMichael Hartmann

    We proudly announce the PropheticLight.Org Website!  In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was+