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  • Sep 30@ 12:05 amJune Reinke

    Wait for Clarity

    Wait for clarity that comes within you, says the LORD. Be still. Be still. Know that I Am GOD in the midst of you and I know how to get your attention. When you do not hear, I will speak again. I have not left you and even as I called Samuel of old who heard me but didn’t recognize Me, I kept calling him until he responded. Do not wait for the audible voice but listen to My still, small voice as you quiet yourself in My presence and squelch out every negative and false authorities and accusing voices of others and silence your own. The opinions of others are not important. Your own opinions are not to rule+

  • In the Palm of My Hands

    I have you in the palm of My hands, says the LORD. You are exactly where I have positioned you to be. You are not lost, detained, or fettered. For I have set you free to serve Me and you+

  • I Have Not Forgotten You

    I have not forgotten you, says the LORD. I have heard the cry of your heart and know what you need even before you ask. I will never abandon you, abuse you, mistreat you or deny any good thing from+

  • Together We Can

    Together we can, says the LORD. Unite we stand. For with Me you can do all things, and I have called you to come and link up with me. You will never fall nor fail as I hold onto you+

  • Announcing PropheticLight.Org

    Feb 3@ 10:08 amMichael Hartmann

    We proudly announce the PropheticLight.Org Website!  In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was+