2024 A Time for War

2024 [and beyond] Time For War

Sound the Alarm! Wake up My slumbering church! This is not a gentle nudge, but shaking, to wake up. Call it a rude awakening, says the Lord. Shout, loud and clear. Yes, let your voice be like a trumpet, and sound a warning for My people. It is not a time of peace, but war. Rise up! Clad yourself with My holy armor. Pick up My sword and Shield. This is not a fire drill, but a fight, says the Lord.

I Am not ringing the dinner bell. It is not a call to feast. It is the call to war. Man your battle stations. This is not a fairy tale, like the Pied Piper. I Am not a man or a storyteller. I Am not a fictitious figure. I Am the Captain of the Host of the armies of the Living God. I Am a Man of war, says the Lord.

I have sounded the trumpet, that My people would be warned. Take the ear plugs out that silence My voice and muffle the blast of My trumpet. Where are My watchmen? Where are the My Prophets? Where are My pastors? Where are My warriors? Up! Up! Up! Prepare yourself. The enemy is invading!

It is not a time to party. I Am calling a solemn assembly, not a pep rally. It is time to repent. It is time to turn around! Backsliders, return! Prodigal sons and daughters, come home! My remnant warriors, prepare for battle. Remember that you are not warring against people, places, and things, but it is a spiritual battle. You are warring against principalities and powers of darkness, spiritual wickedness in high places. There are only two kingdoms: the kingdom of Darkness, and the Kingdom of God, which is light.

Let the proud humble themselves and pray and seek My face. Let the boastful, boast no more. For I already warned you that in the last days there would be false dreamers, false prophets, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God. I told you to be vigilant, because the devil is like a roaring lion, seeking whom He may devour. He wants to steal, kill, and destroy My people who are unaware of the danger.

I have given you a time of prosperity for a purpose, says the Lord. I warned you through many voices that I sent to you to get out of debt and be prepared for the shaking of economies around the world. I gave you many times of respite like I gave Pharaoh of old, when plague after plague was stayed. As he hardened his heart, will you harden yours? When I said, prepare, did you interpret that to mean play? When I told you to be sober, did you think it was a time to be entertained? You are not listening and you are Not ready. I Am not condemning you. I Am correcting you, says the Lord.

As I spoke, judgment begins at My house. I will not destroy My house, but I will build it. The purpose of judgment is not to demolish My church, but to reconstruct it to be powerful, productive, vibrant. But your light has become dim. The fire on the altar is going out. Your love for Me is not fiery hot. Your works are not as zealous as they were. Return.

I will refine My church in the fire, says the Lord. My house will be clean, pure, holy, sanctified, and without spot, wrinkle, and blemish. My people will be ready for My return. The refining fire will not destroy, but purge and prepare My people, My remnant, to bring in the greatest harvest of souls before My return. We will win the battle and the war together, says the Lord.

Get off the fence. Stop being lukewarm. Stop loving the world and the things of the World. Return to Me. Make up your mind! Who will you serve? Who is your Lord? Decide! It is time!

There has been great division in My body, My church. There has been continual conflict, disagreement, contentions. I want My church to be unified. The enemy laughs at the fighting church and mocks the lack of harmony. The battle is without, not within. You have battled for position, for the approval of others, for money and material wealth, for the building of your own selves rather than My church.

Stop fighting each other and become as one as I have commanded! Stop finding fault with each other and pointing your finger at others. While you are nit picking, the enemy is planning to defeat My church. Where is the love for one another? Where is the unity? Why are you not binding up the brokenhearted, supporting the weak, and contending for the faith? Know your enemy! Understand your position and calling within My church and take your place along side your brother and sister in Christ.

I will clean My house. I will bring corrections. I will give My direction. I will avenge Myself of My adversaries, and I will revive and restore My church. You cannot win the war by killing My troops. The confusion is the strategy I use against the enemy, so that the foes fight against each other. Remember Jehoshaphat as they watched the enemy melt away because they fought each other. Remember Gideon. Stop wounding and destroying each other and engage in the real battle that rages against you.

As a piano is tuned skillfully, so will I fine tune each of you. Each key has three strings. They must be in total agreement to bring out the perfect pitch. So, it is with you. I will fine tune you. I will tighten each string until it is in perfect harmony. Your components are triune as well. You are not congruent. You are spirit, soul, and body. Your spirit is transformed and filled with My Spirit. Your soul, the mind, will, and emotions are to be renewed by My Mind, Will, and superior emotions. Your body must align with the spirit, as it is My temple. I want you to be unified in body, mind, and spirit. You cannot be unified and harmonious with others until you have agreement within yourself. You cannot be in harmony with others until you are in perfect harmony with Me, says the Lord.

Fine tuning you is a process that will bring out perfection. I will perfect that which concerns you. To tighten each string is a delicate process, for if done too harshly, the strings will break. I will not bring you to a breaking point but bring you skillfully to perfection. Though the process is very unpleasant, it is necessary. I will not replace you but sanctify and perfect you as I said I would do.

You will be part of My glorious church that is ready for battle, ready to win, and ready for My return. It will be a rocky road this year, and a personal and collective purging and preparation, for since you belong to Me, I will finish what I have begun in you to perfection, for My kingdom, by My power, and for My glory, says the Lord.

Just as in the days of Noah, they were eating, drinking, getting married, celebrating, when the flood came and took them all away. They heard but did not heed. There are going to be a lot of casualties. There will be new and sudden plagues. There will be death and destruction. There is a sure place of safety in Me. It is time to get into the Ark. As the animals came into the Ark, they were preserved. Diversity did not exclude them from being spared. Are you listening? I came to save the lost, the broken, those hurting, and whosoever will, may come. I came to save, to heal, to repair, to revive, to restore. That is inclusive, and they are to be like Me, not you, says the Lord.

When the walls of Jerusalem were being broken down by the Babylonians, they were up on their house tops, eating and drinking. They were destroyed. It is not time to party. Stop playing church and be My church. It is time for war. It is time to wake up, rise up, gear up, and contend for the faith once given onto you. Whom I love, I rebuke. Get ready. I Am coming soon, says the Lord.

Get ready for revival, says the Lord. Be prepared to be used greatly to bring in My bountiful harvest. For though it is a perilous time, it is also a very powerful and productive time. My remnant, that I have called, chosen, perfected and fine tuned will bring in the harvest before I return. We win! My marriage supper will not be sparsely attended, but My house will be full, says the Lord.

I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh. All means all. In every tribe and nation there will be an outpouring of My Holy Spirit. I will pour out miracles, signs and wonders, and healing. I will pour out My power like never witnessed before. I will use you for My glory and you will be a ready warrior that is engaged not only in the fight, but the great harvest. Though it is a painful process, it will be light affliction compared to the glory to come.

The purpose of purging is to empower you, for I cannot use the defiled, lukewarm, worldly, compromising, prideful, unholy for My glory. But I will restore My church in righteousness and holiness, and they will be pure, holy, undefiled, powerful, and undefeated. I Am speaking to all those who have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying onto you. Get ready. Endure hardness as a good soldier in Me, and you will become that vessel of honor that I will impart My Holy Spirit to and fill you to overflowing for the powerful purpose of My Kingdom and glory that is eternal, says the Lord.

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