The Earth Belongs to Me

The earth and all of its fullness belongs to ME, says the LORD. That has never changed. I created it. I own it. I control it. Though it seems like everything is spinning out of control, it has never been out of MY control, says the LORD. It is not out of My influence. It is never exempt from MY

Signs and Wonders

Signs and wonders will follow those who believe, says the LORD. I will release them to those who BELIEVE in ME and My power. It is My desire to manifest My glory in the midst of you. It is My desire to pour out My Spirit in your life. I will do it for all who will press into My

I Am in Control

I Am in control of everything, says the Lord. Even when things seemed to have spun out of control in your life, nothing frightens or frustrates Me.  Do not look at the impossibilities and forget there is no perimeters to My power and authority. Everything that was and is and is to come is within the scope of My ability to change and affect.  Nothing takes Me by surprise and there is