Trust That I Am in Control

I Am in control of everything, says the Lord. Even when things seemed to have spun out of control in your life, nothing frightens or frustrates Me.  Do not look at the impossibilities and forget there is no perimeters to My power and authority. Everything that was and is and is to come is within the scope of My ability to change and affect.  Nothing takes Me by surprise and there is nothing that I cannot do.  I created everything and everyone that exists and I can do something about it.  It is not difficult for Me who can speak and the mountains quake.  My voice fills all creation and there is no one that can hide from My presence and power. I know where everything is, so there is no such thing as loss to Me.  I know how to put things together and take them apart.  Nothing is outside of My ultimate command, says the Lord.

Trust that I will provision you and protect you at all times as you entrust your complete self to Me, says the Lord.  Do you know the future?  I do, and as you come into My presence and have intimate fellowship with Me, I will share my heart with you. I will show you things to come and make a way of escape for you from the evil one and his devices.  There you will find yourself established in Me and be strengthened for the journey that you are taking with Me through the present circumstances of your life and you will be empowered to stand in every storm as undefeatable, says the Lord.

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