Don’t be disturbed or distracted by the things that you hear, the things that you see and the little that you know, says the LORD. I Am in charge of anything and everything! I Am aware of everything. I Am in complete control. Do you think the enemy frightens Me by his scare tactics? Can He order Me around? Can his plans topple Mine? Never, says the LORD!

I Am always on task, on time, and My plans and purposes will unfold without interference, disruption, denial, or delay, says the LORD. I cannot and will not ever be intimidated. You can trust that I will never be pushed back, and My will shall be accomplished on earth as it is in heaven, for nothing can stop ME. I Am the all-powerful One, the all-knowing One, the all-seeing One, and the all-wise One. There is no power that can usurp authority over Mine. Trust in MY infinite wisdom and presence that will go before YOU that will give you peace in any storm, will secure you in every time and season, and fulfill your destiny purpose as I have ordained for your life before you were able to know your left hand from your right hand. Just entrust everything and everyone to Me. I AM NOT asleep, and you can trust in My will that shall be accomplished in your life and in all things that pertain onto you under the sun, says the LORD.

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