Your Promised Land

I Am bringing you into a delightsome land filled with milk and honey, says the Lord. Yes, your promised land that you will fully possess is just ahead.  My unimpeachable glory awaits.  Step up out of the dry-bed of the Jordon and onto the holy ground.  It is holiness unto Me, says the Lord, for I have reserved it, I

My Promises Are Unimpeachable

My promises are unimpeachable for those who will receive them by faith, says the Lord.  I cannot change.  My Word cannot change.  It does not change because of times and seasons. It does not change because of your circumstances.  It does not change because of persecutions.  It does not change because of any assault against it.  It remains the same, yesterday, today

You Are Unshakable and Unmovable

Shall Not be Moved

You are unshakable and unmovable, says the Lord. I have made you strong in Me and the power of My might.  You never have to be tossed around by the winds of adversity!  Torrents of the storms of life never have to knock you down.  I Am the sure foundation that you stand firmly upon all the time.  Floods of

Listen to the Good News That Comes from Me

Listen to the GOOD News that comes from Me, says the Lord.  I Am the author of good things!  The report that comes from My thrown is good, and I have a few good news casters, says the Lord. Remember that I told you to think on good things, for where your thoughts are, that is where you will go. 

I Am a Promise Keeper

I Am a promise keeper, and I watch over My Word to perform it, says the Lord. Every promise that I have spoken is the truth that you can stand upon. Believe My promises, for they are activated in your life and those that you love by your faith! I will not deny you any promise, for I Am no