Daily Devotional: Mercy

Thank you, Lord, that you are keeping a record of every merciful and kind act that we have ever done as we endeavor to please you with our lives and do the good works that bring glory and honor to your worthy name. Your promise to give us mercy in exchange for mercy is what we ask now, as we

Daily Devotional: Rest

Thank you, Lord, for inviting us to come to you when we feel burdened down from all the labor that we are engaged in. You give us rest from all the heavy cares of life and seemingly insurmountable tasks and responsibilities we have. No matter what we are called upon to do, we can be carefree as we rest in

Daily Devotional: God Will Never Leave Nor Forsake You

Lord, we thank you for your promise that you will never leave us nor forsake us, regardless of the stresses, threats, fears and unknown future. One assurance we have is your presence, not as a passive observer or sympathizer, but you are there to protect, empower, help and comfort us. As we trust in you and your presence, we can

My Word is Infallible

My Word is infallible, says the LORD. I cannot lie, and I never change My mind. What I say is the truth, and I will not go back on My promises to you. They will not disappear with the difficulties that you face. They will come to pass, as they are just as eternal as I AM. For My WORD

Every Promise

Every promise that I have given to you is true, says the LORD.  I have not changed My mind or My purposes concerning you, and I will not go back on My Word.  What I said I would do is what I WILL DO, for I did not encourage you to discourage you. I did not promise you something to

Any Good Thing

You will not lack any good thing as you look to Me as your source, says the LORD. I Am not slack concerning you or My promises to you. I Am not forgetful of My WORD! I watch over it to perform it FOR YOU! I have not put you at the end of the line where you have to

I Do Not Promise in Vain

I obligate Myself to perform My promises to you, says the LORD, for I do not promise in vain. I will not speak and not be a doer of My Own Word. For that which I speak is infallible truth. Nothing will interfere with Me or My Word or MY Work. Did you not know that I AM the Almighty,

Wait Patently

Wait patently on Me and I will give you the desires of your heart. You do not have to make My promises come true in your life. I do not need your help.

Parting the Jordon

I Am parting the Jordon that has kept you from standing on the ground of your promised land, says the LORD.  You are about to cross over.  Although there will be many battles that you will face to receive your full inheritance, I have gone before you and will fight for you.  The enemy is no match for Me and

Every Promise

I will fulfill every word and every promise that I have given to you, says the Lord. It is not about second or third or more chances, because I have not given you any chances. It is not about choices, says the Lord. It is about My prescribed will for your life. I Am GOD.  I change NOT.  My purposes remain