Patiently wait on Me to act, says the LORD. For all things WILL WORK together for the GOOD of all who love Me, and are My called out ones. I have a purpose and a plan, and will implement them. You will see this in the land of the living as you patiently wit on Me, and LET ME do the Work! I will put the pieces together, bring order to disorder, and cause the things that the enemy meant for evil to bring about good for you, says the LORD.

Your patience will trust in Me when you see nothing, hear nothing, and see nothing positive nor productive in the things you are waiting for Me to resolve, says the LORD. Do not bend to the winds of adversity, and do not fear. For I will honor My Word and finish the GOOD WORK in you that I have begun. Your patient faith and trust in Me will be honorable in My sight, and you will never be disappointed in Me as you wait on Me. For I do all things well, and it will be WELL WITH YOU, says the LORD.

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