Daily Devotional: We Shall Live

Lord, we thank you that as we seek you, we shall find you. We shall live. You are our life in the land of the living as well as granting us eternal life. We are sustained and kept by you as we put our total trust in you at all times. Amen.

Goodness and Mercy

Goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your earthly sojourn as you follow ME, says the LORD. Every day means now and forever, as I Am the One who orders your steps, supplies your need, and gives you GOOD things to enjoy. I have not changed My mind, and I will not forget My promises to you.

Daily Devotional: Fear Not

We thank you, Lord, that you are unlimited. You are all-powerful, and you have done marvelous, wonderful things for us. There is no end to your greatness, and you will do great things for us. As we place our faith in you, we relinquish all fear, and know that we are safe, secure, and kept by you, now and always

Daily Devotional: Deliverance

Thank you, Lord, that as we call upon your great name that is above any other, that you will deliver us. You will save us, protect us, provide for us, heal us, because of our faith in you as our Savior and LORD. Amen.

Stand Still

Stand still and see My great Salvation, says the LORD. The enemy is not bigger than Me. I Am the Sovereign, and I have not forsaken you or given you up and over to the evil one. I have placed you in the palm of My hands, and no power can remove you or defeat you, because nothing can overwhelm

Daily Devotional: I Will Not Break My Covenant

Thank you, Lord, that you will not break your covenant with us. We can depend upon your infallible WORD that you sent to heal us and deliver us from all our destruction. You will not change positions, or change your mind, and you will fulfill every Word that you have spoken concerning us, as we trust in you.  Amen

Daily Devotional: God Grants Our Desires

Lord, we thank you for the promise that you will grant our desires. We entrust our entire lives to you, knowing that you will hear and answer our prayers, and give us everything that we need. You have given us your righteousness as we have received you as our Savior and Lord, and we are blessed. AMEN.

Focus on Your Blessings

Focus on your blessings and the things that you have been given by Me rather than the things you do not have, says the LORD. I will inhabit your praise and want you to have a thankful heart.  I have blessed you and given you every good thing that you have, and I will do much more for you.  There

Daily Devotional: Peace, Rest, Sleep

,Thank you, Lord, that you give us sweet peace, and we can rest in you, knowing that you are with us, keeping us, blessing us. We can sleep peacefully, knowing that you are guarding us, keeping us safe, and all is well, because we are your children that you take care of meticulously and constantly. Amen.

I Will Give You the Increase

I will give you the increase, not the decrease, says the LORD. I will give you added strength, not weakness. I will give you unspeakable gifts that will not be taken away from you, and they are always good. The things that are negative and harmful are not from ME. I give you GOOD things to enjoy. I bless while