Your faith in Me is demonstrated by your faithfulness, says the LORD. I look at what you do, not just what you say. For mere words are not powerful when there is no corresponding action. Walk by faith, and be a doer of MY word and work, rather than yours. For I will empower you to fulfill your destiny purpose as you trust the steps that I order for you, and walk by faith, not by sight, says the LORD.

I complete everything that I start, says the LORD. I want you to finish what you start. For I take NO PLEASURE in those who turn back. Adversity does not mean abort. Persecution is not the absence of being called. You will suffer persecution and rejection, even as I was despised and rejected of men. You too will know sorrow, as I did. But those who refuse to quit, will be the ones who will be CHOSEN to bring in the harvest that is plenteous. For they will suffer through the heat of the day, and toil unendingly. They will be prepared through the fiery trials that will only temper them, strengthen them and mature them for every good work that they WILL DO for My Kingdom, by the power of My Spirit in them, says the LORD.

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