Bold and Strong

Be bold and strong, says the LORD. I did not create you to wimp that turns your back to the enemy and run and hide. For I have made you a warrior. I teach your hands to war. You are a be a mighty conqueror and you will never need to fear the enemy and his cohorts. I Am on your side and have equipped you with superior weapons that cannot fail, says the LORD.

Rise up! Stand up, straight and tall, says the LORD. You must not bow, bend and kneel to the purposes of the dark one or submit to his diabolical plans. His words are stout, and his works are also false. You do not need to pay attention to his threats that he has no power to carry out against you. Remember that I have already declared the winner, and you will be the undefeated champion. For I Am with you, not only to overcome, but to overwhelm the enemy, push him back, reclaim what he has stolen from you, and possess the land of your inheritance, with shouts of victory. You will not cry, but you will laugh and celebrate the victory, as I host you and prepare a table for you in the sight of your enemies, as you feast and make marry, because the battle is won and the enemy is utterly defeated, says the Lord.

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