Fearless, Steadfast, Immovable, Abounding

Why are you so fearful? I ask?  Where is your faith and trust in Me?  Use it, and hold onto it without any glitches, says the LORD.  Be steadfast. Be immovable.   Abound in the GOOD WORKS I have ordained for you to fulfill! Be steady on your feet, and be ready to convey to everyone you encounter why you are

I Will Establish You in My Kingdom

I will establish you in My kingdom and in My infallible Word, says the LORD. You will not be shaken and removed by the forces of darkness, the violent winds of adversity, or the sudden, unexpected storms of life. I Am your security and firm foundation, and your faith and trust in Me will keep you night and day. You

Daily Devotion: Be Strong and Courageous

Thank you, Lord, that because you are with me everywhere I go, I can be strong and courageous, no matter what I face. You give me assurance that all will be well, because of your faithful leadership and care for Me in times of uncertainty and the unpredictable future. You are My trust, and all will be well for Me,

Be Strong in the LORD

Don’t view yourself as weak, but see yourself as strong in Me, says the LORD. I Am not weak, and your life is embedded in Me! Don’t entertain the thoughts of giving up and compromising with the enemy, for there is no middle ground or position of agreement. Light cannot align with darkness, and victory cannot have a thread of

Daily Devotional: Strong and Courageous

Thank you, Lord, that you strengthen me. I am strong in you alone. You will give me the courage to face any giant in my life, because you are with Me, always. You will never forsake me, and never fail. I will not fear the things I face today, nor the future, because you will keep me safe, and equip

Follow the Path of Righteousness

Don’t look at opinion poles to determine where you will stand, what you will believe and what you will do, says the LORD. None of them will influence what I will do or interfere with My plans and purposes that will unfold, regardless of what others desire. Be strong in your decision to serve Me, and stand up for what

Be Strong in the LORD

Who told you that you are weak, vulnerable and inept? I Am mot speaking that over you, and you need not even entertain those thoughts from the evil one, says the LORD. You are strong in Me! You are more than able to stand in the times of trouble, because I stand with you. I hold you up. I keep

Courageous, Bold and Strong

I did not make you a pushover, says the LORD. You do not have to lie down and allow the enemy to walk all over you. You do not have to surrender to his plots and plans and attacks. Lay down that white flag, and don’t even consider a truce with the enemy, who will never tell the truth. Even

Daily Devotional: |Strong and Courageous

Lord, we thank you that you are with us wherever we go, enabling and helping us in everything that we do. You have given us courage, so that we are not afraid. You are strengthening us.so that we need not be dismayed. You are our GOD, and there is nothing known and unknown that we face that is bigger, stronger,

Be Strong and Courageous in ME

Be strong and courageous in Me, says the LORD. For did I not say that I AM your strength? There is no weakness in Me. I have fully equipped you to be able to stand as an undefeated champion in ME at all times! Put on My armor. Cloth yourself with ME! Be filled with My Spirit and MY FIRE.