There are absolutes, says the Lord. Unbelief does NOT nullify My Word. I have sent things in order as I wanted them to be, and those who do not take Me at My Word will not partake of the good of the Land, but it will not change MY WORD or MY WORK or My Plan. When I said, “Whosoever will, may come and drink of the waters of life, freely,” I meant it. I never eliminated anyone, says the LORD.

I never shut the door of My throne room of grace in anyone’s face, says the LORD. I will never despise nor reject anyone who came to Me. I will never cast anyone out. I am NO respecter of persons. Whoever calls upon My name will be saved. Whoever comes to Me will be received by ME. Whoever believes in Me and My finished work on the cross, I will receive. Whoever comes to My table that is spread will freely eat. I will forgive and cleanse all who believe in Me, and trust in MY finished work on the cross. Do not limit My love and disqualify anyone by your religious ways. My door of grace is open, and I Am ready to receive, ready to cleanse from all unrighteousness, and ready to save for all who will come to Me by faith, says the LORD.

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