Daily Devotional: Light, Bright Path

Thank you, Lord, that you have justified us by your shed blood for us on Calvary. We trust in you as our Savior and LORD, and you enlighten our path that grows brighter and brighter, into the perfect day that you have prepared for us. We have perfect redemption, perfect healing, perfect deliverance, as you illuminate the path before us,

Daily Devotional: Appointed Unto Salvation, Not Wrath

Thank you, Lord, that you have given us your great salvation, because of our faith in you and your finished work on the cross for us. Your shed blood has cleansed us from all unrighteousness, and we are not appointed unto wrath. You will lavish us with your love, and we will live in your presence, day and night, as

My Wonderful Works in Your Life!

My Works are wonderful in your life, says the LORD. Nothing can stop them. Nothing can top them. No other can give you what I have, and there is no power greater than Mine. I will do great and mighty works in the midst of you, for that is Who I Am and what I do. There is NO power

Blessings Upon Blessings

It is hard to believe that the year is nearly over. It has been year of growth, transition, alignment, shifting and Change. It has been a year of revival and GOD in our midst: a year of signs, wonders, healings, miracles and Holy Ghost power and presence. As I reflect the bumps in the road, the shifts without clutch, the

Daily Devotional: I Will Trust in GOD and Not Be Afraid

Lord, I thank you, that you are trustworthy. I will not be afraid, because you are the One Who strengthens and helps me. You are MY Salvation, were I can find shelter and refuge from any threat against me. I will sing of your goodness and mercy all the days of My life, for they are never depleted, and your

Unearned, Unspeakable Gifts

Free is free, says the LORD. The gifts that I give you are not costing you. They have cost Me. I have given you irrevocable gifts out the treasure of My own loving heart. I have laid down My life for you, and what I have for you are unspeakable and holy and good gifts. Just receive them by faith

Daily Devotional: The Lord is Valiant

Lord, we thank you that you give us the victory by your own right hand, as we entrust our care to you. You fight our battles for us, and none of our concerns are overwhelming or threatening to you. You are never intimidated and cannot be overpowered. Your right hand does valiantly for us, is exalted, and we rejoice in

Daily Devotional: God Has Done Marvelous Things

Our hearts will be filled with songs of thanksgiving and praise when we think of the marvelous things that you have done for us continually. You have wrought the victory for us by your own righteous hand and holy arm. You have given us the gift of salvation, and the nations rejoice with us in your great love. Thank you,

Daily Devotional: Deliverance

Thank you, Lord, for delivering my soul and saving me by your marvelous grace and love for Me. Deliverance comes from you, as I entrust you with all my care and concerns. You will deliver me from all evil, and the plots of the enemy will be foiled. Because I belong to you as your beloved child, You will rescue

Daily Devotional: Power and Glory

Lord, we thank you, that as we reverence you and your holy name and trust in you, we look up to you for your salvation. Fill us with your glory and fill our country and loved ones with your awesome presence, power and glory. You are gracious and loving, and your presence in our lives sustain us as we wait