Forget the Pain and Loss; the Best is Ahead

I will cause you to forget the former things that have caused you pain and all that you have lost, for that which I will give you, says the LORD. Let go of what was and refocus. Look head, and trust that the latter will be greater than the former! Let go of those things that were valuable to you that you have lost, for what I have for you is so much better, says the LORD.

You will not even miss what was, for what is coming to you, says the LORD. Stop mourning and start rejoicing now in ME. For you will not be empty, but full. You will not be impoverished but furnished. You will not be unsatisfied, but fat and full of My blessings upon blessings, as you entrust Me to bring you into your promised land that is ahead of you. Do not even look back, for it is not worth crying over. I have good things in store for you, and there will be no attached sorrow to the blessings I will pour out upon you and the benefits that I will load you with, says the LORD.

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