Move Forward

Do not waste your tie on regrets, says the LORD. Time is short, and you have no time to look back at what you could have done differently. Move forward. What was is not what is or what will be. Your past will NOT define you, unless you make it your dwelling place. You are not the product of decisions

Made to Forget!

I will make you to forget the pain of the past, as you press forward to the mark of the prize your high calling in Me, says the LORD. Do no even focus on your healing. Focus solely on Me, and look beyond what was, who was, why it was and whatever was, for it is not your today or

I Know the Future

The WORKS have already been done before the foundation of the earth, says the LORD. For before you call, I will answer. While you are yet speaking, I will hear. I know the end from the beginning, and that which you pray and believe Me for has already been done. For I not only know the way that you take,

Don’t Look Back!

Don’t look back, says the LORD. Look forward. Focus on what is before you, not what is behind you. Let the dead works of the past be dead and buried. You need not revisit the graveyards of the things you regret, the times you did not succeed, the failures of the past. Leave your disappointments behind you, and do not

You are missing out of your future when you constantly look on your past, says the LORD. For what was then, is not now. What is now is not what will be, either. Even as this day is new, so is your renewed purpose. The past will not define you, and it has been forgiven and forgotten by Me, as

Your Future Is in My Hands

Your future is in My hands, says the LORD. Do not fret about what is going to happen, for it is already planned. Nothing takes me by surprise. I Am already clearing your path for you, and I know the way you take. Place your confidence in Me and lean upon My strong arms. For I have created you, and

Push Forward

I will reverse the reversals in your life, says the LORD. Instead of being pushed back, the things that are behind you will push you forward. For your past will not stifle you, will not destroy you or keep you back from your destiny. That which is past does not define you, belong to you or create a cause that

The New for You Awaits

The new for you awaits, says the LORD. It is ahead, for I will make all things New for you. It is not a do over, and you will not repeat the steps that you have already taken. Those steps were for those times, and you will not continue to go round and round and round, going through the same

Today Is No Different to Me

Today, Finish the Race

Today is no different to Me than all of your yesterdays, says the LORD, and all of your tomorrows will be the same with Me as well. For I have kept you all the days of your life, and I will be with You always. As you have determined to finish the race and keep the faith as My servant

Forfeit Your Fears

Forfeit your fears and hurl all of your burdens and concerns onto Me, says the LORD. Stop fretting over what was or will be. The past is forgiven and now history. Do not focus on it. Your future is securely fixed in My hands. Your destiny is sealed in My keeping and so are you. I have sealed you in