For your pain and shame I will give you double, says the LORD. For the price of double will not trouble you any longer. You will forget the pain of the past in the glory that I will surround you with. You will forget the sorrow for the joy that I will fill you with. You will forget all those who abandoned you, for I will give you the increase. Those who will be attracted to you will be attached to you, says the LORD.

The past pain will not be the forecast of your future, says the LORD. For though you are afraid to trust again, trust in ME. For I will not fail you. I do not allow you to suffer for My cause and take up the cross without wearing the crown of life. You will reign in life as a king and not die as a pauper. For I will enrich you as I take you out of the sadness and give you gladness. You will not be buried under the burdens, but will enjoy the lightness of mine, as you link with Me. You will be joyful and yet rejoice in My goodness in the land of the living, and you will sing a new song that is joyful in Me, rather than a the blues, says the LORD.

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