I AM the LORD that heals you! I Am your GREAT PHYSICIAN, says the LORD. There is none greater! There is none that knows what I know, and none that can do what I only can do! You are never without remedy, as you lean upon Me and My infinite understanding, My supreme knowledge, and My ultimate power! I will create and make something out of nothing, and there is no other power that is able to speak and have it happen! I am unlimited and unsurpassed, says the LORD.

Trust ME with your care, for I care for you at all times in every situation, says the LORD. Everything is subject to Me, and I Am in control of everything and everyone! I cannot be overpowered. I cannot be manipulated. I cannot be deceived. Nothing can be hidden from My eyes, and My ears are never dull of hearing! I know. I see. I hear, I understand, and the things that are impossible with others are easy for ME. Nothing is beyond My power, and you only need to trust Me, obey My voice, and believe My infallible WORD, says the LORD.

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