Daily Devotional: None Like the LORD

Lord, there is None like you, Who has created the heavens and the earth. You have set the host of heaven in place and named every star. You are unsurpassed in greatness, matchless in power, incomparable in strength, unequal in wisdom, and you are OUR GOD. We thank you for your constant presence, abiding, infallible love, and meticulous care. You



I have raised you up, out the pit of despair and despondency, says the LORD. You are NOT in bondage and darkness, and undefeated is not something that you will have, but what you are in ME, regardless of the sudden storms you face in life. You will always walk in HIGH PLACES with Me as you place your confidence

Revival Fires Will Spread

I will pour out My Holy Spirit in an unprecedented way, and you will witness a great revival in the land, says the LORD. Just when you thought the enemy was getting the advantage, I will surprise you! There will be a great awakening, and revival fires will spread as I fan them with the winds of My Spirit. They

Daily Devotional: Glory, Honor and Power

Thank you, Lord, that you are MY SAVIOR and LORD, and I praise your holy name. For you have created all things for your pleasure, including me and those I love. We are yours, and we entrust our care to you, Who is all powerful, glorious, and has the highest honor. You are the Sovereign in our lives, and we

Laugh Hardily At the Enemy

Laugh hardily at the enemy that is threatening you, and don’t give him any place in your life, says the LORD. Remember that I Am always with you and on your side, and there is no power that can conquer Me, and none that can conquer you. You can make fun of the futile attacks of the enemy, as if

Daily Devotional: God’s Word Heals

Lord, I thank you for your powerful Word that brings healing to me as well as those I ask you to touch by your mighty power. I Am not worthy of your presence or the least of your benefits that you give me daily, but thank you that you are with Me always, as My healer, deliverer, caregiver, provider, helper,

Be Filled With My Holy Spirit

Come closer to Me, says the LORD. Empty yourself of every care and the things that are not beneficial and be filled with My Spirit. Come hungry. Come thirsty. Come quickly and come completely, for I want your undivided attention. Spend quality, intimate time with Me, for I have so much I want to share with you, that will empower

Daily Devotional: Anointing

Psalm 23:5 Thank you, Lord, for the anointing of your holy Spirit that you pour out onto Me and into me. It runs down from my head, covers me, and fills me. It is the oil of your anointing that gives me complete joy and peace. You empower me with your Holy Spirit and separate Me onto yourself, as you

Be Fearless

Be fearless, says the LORD, for you are never to cower when the enemy roars at you. I have given you the power to withstand any attack from the evil one, as you are equipped to defeat the foe just as I have. I Am the Greater One in you, and I AM with you. I have given you My

Daily Devotional: Nothing is Impossible with GOD

Thank you, Lord, that nothing is impossible for you to perform in My life and the lives of those I love and entrust to your daily care. I can trust you with our concerns, and you will perform miraculous for us, because of your love, presence, and power. You are with us to bring us out of our troubles, and