Even as the manna melted away in the hot sun in the wilderness, so shall the spoil that the enemy took from you melt in fervent heat, and consume away, Says the LORD. For as I created the manna for My people, so it is with that which I gave you, that the enemy stole from you. Do not fret about the ashes of your Zig-lag that the enemy destroyed, for what awaits you is FAR GREATER. I will restore you and give you more than enough. I will turn your sorrow into joy, not as you look back to recover, but look forward to what I create for you that is NEW, says the LORD.

I never had to send My heavenly host of angels to recover the manna that was on the ground, so that I could save it and send it again the next day, says the LORD. I gave fresh, new, daily bread, and I will do the same for you. You will drink the new wine that will make your heart glad, eat the fresh manna, and enjoy the benefits that I daily load you with. I have an unlimited supply and need nothing of the past to create all things NEW for you, says the LORD.

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