Daily Devotional: Prolonged Life

We thank you, Lord, that you will prolong our lives, because we have reverence for you as our Savior and LORD.  You will heal us, strengthen us, revive us, restore us, because of your unimpeachable love, your presence in our lives, and your constant care for us.  Amen.

Revival Fires Will Spread

I will pour out My Holy Spirit in an unprecedented way, and you will witness a great revival in the land, says the LORD. Just when you thought the enemy was getting the advantage, I will surprise you! There will be a great awakening, and revival fires will spread as I fan them with the winds of My Spirit. They

I Will Restore You

I will restore you, says the LORD. I will resurrect your dreams and visions that you have buried and abandoned long ago. Nothing is past the point of possibility, and your funeral ceremonies will be replaced by songs of deliverance. For you will also be amazed when you revisit those things you thought were dead, dry, decayed and no longer

Daily Devotional: God Will Wipe Away Your Tears

Thank you, Lord, that you will wipe all the tears from My eyes, as you turn my sorrow into joy. I will rejoice and be glad, for I can depend upon you to answer My prayers, and intervene in my life, as you heal, repair, revive, restore, and renew Me, because I make you My trust at all times. Amen.

I Will Revive, Renew, Restore, Heal, Deliver

Pour out your heart to Me and empty yourself of all your cares of this life, as you cast them upon Me, says the LORD. I will hear, and I care. I will record your prayers in My book of remembrance, and your tears are preserved. Your petitions are not discarded or lost in bureaucracy. I will attend to your

Daily Devotional: Healing

Thank you, Lord, that you will sustain and strengthen me when I am on my sickbed. You will heal my body and restore health to me. You are always with me to give me the comfort and help, as I await your total healing and deliverance. I will come out of this difficulty with vitality and wholeness, because you are

A New Season

I will pour out My blessings upon you as you receive double for all the difficulties you have suffered through, says the LORD. Yes, you will be restored as I rain them down, and you will not even miss what you lost. I have much more for you, and will reward your labor of love for Me. There will be

Daily Devotional: You Will Restore Me

Thank you, Lord, for restoring My soul, as I entrust My constant care to you. You are My God that delivers me, heals me, and restores Me, and I am blessed. I can trust you to lead me in the right way, so that my steps that I take are not only pleasing to you, but ordained by you, and

Just Wait and SEE What I Am Going to DO!

Forget about the things that happened in the past that hurt you, says the LORD. They did not destroy you, and will not, if you will believe Me when I tell you that everything will work together for GOOD, to fulfill My purpose and plan in your life. The enemy came to steal, kill and destroy YOU, but he could

Daily Devotional: The Prayer of Faith Saves the Sick

Thank you, Lord, that as we come to you in prayer for healing, you will hear and answer our prayers, and renew our strength and restore our health, as we entrust our lives and those we love to your care. When you died on the cross for our sins, you also paid the price for our healing. We entrust our