Whatever you need, I will supply, says the LORD. For I Am EL Shaddai, more than enough for you. I will over-supply you with My blessings that have NO attached sorrow. You will not lament over what I give you. What the enemy gives you will cause you pain and ultimate suffering. You will wish you had never received anything that he offers, for he can never tell the truth, and everything he gives only has a hook in it. My gifts are freely given out of My love and compassion for My beloved children, says the LORD.

I will give you more than you ask for, more than you could believe Me for, and more than you could ever imagine, says the LORD. For if you could not imagine it, then you could not ask me for it, or even believe it. I will do the astounding, mind-boggling acts of mercy and kindness, just because I want to. I will supply you abundantly, and nothing that I give you will burden or trouble you. Be confident in My love and mercy that endures forever, and look onto ME. For you will not have to pay for what I FREELY GIVE to you, and all I desire of you is your thanksgiving and praise, says the LORD.

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