Do not waste your tie on regrets, says the LORD. Time is short, and you have no time to look back at what you could have done differently. Move forward. What was is not what is or what will be. Your past will NOT define you, unless you make it your dwelling place. You are not the product of decisions that you or someone else made, but what I have made you to be. I make NO MISTAKES, and all that I do is good. Leave the things that are behind you right where they are, and make what is ahead your pursuit, says the LORD.

I AM your rear guard, says the LORD. You need not worry about the enemy sneaking up from behind you. I have your back! Lets your thoughts be on what will be, not what should have been. I want you to look at what shall be! I Am with you to bring you OUT of the wilderness experiences into your personal promised land of blessings, and this will not be a redo or a rethink or a reminder of mistakes and regrets. I will give you something to LIVE FOR, and the dead works of the past are not it! Let the dead bury the dead, for I have called you to LIFE and LIVING. Walk forward into the NEW, and trust that what I have for you is better, and your future is not dependent upon what was, says the LORD.

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