Do not wait for an invitation to come into My presence, says the Lord. The door is always open. There is no waiting room, or line for you to stand in and wait your turn. You have my UNDIVIDED attention, always. Nothing takes priority over you! I will not give attention to one need and not yours. I have no favorites! A need is a need. A child is a child. A prayer is a prayer, and nothing is beyond My ability to perform. I care about the little things, the possible things and what you call impossible, for nothing escapes my attention, and big and little needs are the same to Me, says the LORD.

Do not limit Me by your unbelief and stay away from those who tell you that I will not give you the desires of your heart, says the LORD. Your faith in Me is what pleases Me, not YOUR perfect record. I give you unmerited favor, because you trust in ME and My infallible Word. You trust that I Am the ONLY one who justifies Me, by your belief in My finished work on the cross and My shed blood for Me. Your faith in Me will make you whole, if you leave off the limitations and trust that NOTHING is too hard for Me. I want for you MORE than you have ever trusted and believed Me for. Enlarge your faith and trust by receiving all that I have for you by My grace, through your faith and trust, and do not let thoughts of doubt and the doubts of others spoil your faith, says the LORD.

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