My Door is Always Open

Do not wait for an invitation to come into My presence, says the Lord. The door is always open. There is no waiting room, or line for you to stand in and wait your turn. You have my UNDIVIDED attention, always. Nothing takes priority over you! I will not give attention to one need and not yours. I have no

You Are Never Alone

You are never alone, says the LORD. I Am with you always. I cannot forget you and I want you to focus your attention on Me and turn your thoughts toward Me and My goodness to you. For I have no bad news to share with you. I have no pain to give you. I only have good things for

Nothing Escapes My Attention

The things that are out of your control are not out of MY control, says the LORD. Nothing escapes My attention and nothing challenges My authority. I cannot be moved. Trust in Me, regardless of the size of the storm or the worst forecast of what will come. I Am untouched by the roar of the enemy that is threatening