I have plans for you that will unfold, says the LORD. My purposes for you will become evident, as you take the steps that I order for you that are well lit in front of you. You will walk into your destiny, as you walk in My light, walk in My Word, Walk in My Spirit, walk in My faith that I have given to you, and Walk in complete and perfect submission and obedience to Me, says the LORD.

I will give you new vision as you walk by faith, and not by sight, says the LORD. For vision does not come with an illusion of hopes and dreams and lofty purposes, but lifegiving service in My kingdom. I have need of you. As you entrust Me to give you vision within, you will walk it out, and your life will fulfill the GREAT COMMISSION that I have commanded My children to complete. I will use all those who are willing and obedient to My call and equip and empower them to do it. For as you desire to be used of Me for My purpose, My Kingdom and My Glory, I will send you into My harvest field, and your labors will not be in vain in Me, says the LORD.

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