The Enemy Cannot Trap or Bind You

The enemy cannot trap you or bind you, says the LORD. He is NOT in control of your destiny. I AM! You are NOT BOUND, or a prisoner that awaits liberty, for I have set you free. Who an accuse or threaten My elect? None can. For I Am YOUR GOD in the midst of you, and there is NONE OTHER who can out-wit or overpower Me. You will know Me as the Almighty, All-Wise, Ever-present help for you in times of trouble, says the LORD.

Trouble on every side is Not a problem to Me, says the LORD. Let the enemy taunt and mock on. I just laugh at him. For I have come to DESTROY the works of the devil, and his devices are not going to work. I Am your shield, and I will defend you. I will guard you. For I have commissioned My angels to surround you, and you are not vulnerable or defenseless. I Am with you to give you the victory, and you will not be defeated, as I always cause you to triumph in Me, because you have entrusted your total care to Me, sys the LORD.

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