Daily Devotional: Enemies Defeated

Thank you, Lord, that when the enemy comes against me, you will cause him to flee from me. The enemy will be smitten and defeated, for you are the one who is my defense, My healer, deliverer, provider, Savior and LORD. You are always dependable, with Me, at My side, and I will be victorious over any attack that comes

Daily Devotional: TRIUMPHANT in Christ

Thank you, Lord, for always making us triumph in you. We are not defeated, but we are well able to overcome, because you are with us, in us, and our lives are a living example to others of the knowledge of your faithfulness and presence, as you give us the victory in every situation that we face in life. Amen

Daily Devotional: Overcoming

Thank you, Lord, that because you have given Me the NEW BIRTH when I received you as My personal Savior and Lord, I have your Spirit in Me that enables me to overcome. You give me the ultimate victory in every circumstance in life, and I will not lose the battle or the war, because you are with me, in

Declare My Word Into Your Situations

Declare My powerful, penetrating, life-giving, infallible Word into every one of your situations, and watch Me perform it in every time, says the LORD. My Word is not hit and miss, or guess work. KNOW what you believe, and speak it boldly, confidently, and refuse to bow, bend and kneel to your difficult circumstances. They will bow to you, as

Listen to My GOOD NEWS!

Resist the bad news that you are hearing, and LISTEN to MY GOOD NEWS, says the LORD. The negative voices that always bring fear and uncertainty are not assigned by Me. I Am not sending them to you. The enemy has, so that you will be depressed, distraught, and confused. Don’t align your thinking with the fearful and the unbelieving,

Be Fearless

Be fearless, says the LORD, for you are never to cower when the enemy roars at you. I have given you the power to withstand any attack from the evil one, as you are equipped to defeat the foe just as I have. I Am the Greater One in you, and I AM with you. I have given you My

Be Strong in the LORD

Don’t view yourself as weak, but see yourself as strong in Me, says the LORD. I Am not weak, and your life is embedded in Me! Don’t entertain the thoughts of giving up and compromising with the enemy, for there is no middle ground or position of agreement. Light cannot align with darkness, and victory cannot have a thread of

I Will Suddenly Turn Things Around For You

You will not be as an unstable vessel that is driven by the wind and tossed, says the LORD. I will strengthen and help you. I will under gird you. I will stand alongside to help you, defend you, and make you stronger in your faith in Me. Indeed, you will become bold as a lion and wag your head

Daily Devotional: Strehgthen

Thank you, Lord, that you will strengthen me in you. I will walk in your presence, and in your name, I will be enabled to stand, unharmed, empowered, equipped, and prepared for every good work that you have called me to do. Your name is the highest, and as I trust in you, I will not fall nor fail. I

Bold as a Loin

We are called to be bold

Be bold as a lion, says the LORD. I did not give you a spirit of intimidation, and you are not to fear. I have empowered you with MY Spirit, and you are not to turn back in the day of battle. Courage and valor are your clothing, and you have mighty spiritual weapons that will overwhelm the enemy, every