Think On GOOD Things

Think on the good things that I have given you, and not the bad things that the enemy has done, says the LORD. For I have not given you evil things, but good things! I have given you life, and not death. I have given you joy, not sorrow. I have given you light and darkness. Even as I said, I will NOT withhold any good thing from you, for My goodness is not just what I do, but WHO I AM, says the Lord.

There is no darkness or defeat, no poverty nor sickness in Me, so I cannot give it, says the LORD. I will only enrich you, not impoverish you. I Am your Healer! I do not make you sick! The works of the enemy are what I came to DESTROY! Do not attribute the diabolical works of the enemy to Me. I came to bring you out of darkness into the LIGHT of My kingdom, and to heal all your wounds, and set you free. I Am with you always, and will not leave you in the jaws of the lion or the claws of the bear. I Am your deliverer and healer, and as you entrust your care to Me, you will know My faithfulness to you as your everlasting Father, your Savior, Redeemer, Deliverer, Savior and LORD. Think on those things that are praise worthy, for I inhabit your praise. Let the negative works of darkness be defeated in your mind and speak of My goodness and mercy for you that is everlasting. As you keep your mind upon Me and continue to trust in Me at all times, you will have sustained peace that cannot be taken away, says the LORD.

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