Thank you, Lord, that as we listen to your Word, we are blessed every day of our lives. There is life, healing and deliverance in you and your living Word that becomes our tangible reality. As we seek and find you, and place our trust in you at all times, we receive your gift of …

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Blessed Assurance

Thank you, Lord, that we have that blessed assurance that your Word will work mightily in our lives, because we believe in your infallible Word. Your powerful Word is infallible, penetrating, life giving, healing, delivering, and we can trust that you will honor your WORD and do great and mighty things in our lives, because …

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Thank you, Lord, for the comfort of your Word, when I am afflicted. You Word is powerful, cleansing, purging, purifying, healing, and you will deliver me from every affliction as I meditate on your infallible Word and wait upon you with simple, childlike faith, that your Word will quicken me, deliver me, and give me …

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