You will not stay in the fiery trials and afflictions that you are facing right now, says the LORD. Not only will I be with you in all the trouble that you are facing, but I will bring you out of it. You will not just survive, but you will thrive. For I will not restore you to the place that you were, but I will promote you in My presence, and give you fullness of Joy. You will triumph, and winning will not look like recovery, but VICTORY over the enemy, as you spoil the spoiler, and receive the increase, says the LORD.

You have cried out for restoration, but I will do more than that, says the LORD. You will see that what you have suffered will be small in comparison to the exceeding, weight of glory that will come. For what the enemy devised will not weaken and destroy you. Instead, you will be stronger, wiser, and empowered with a greater anointing that you have longed for. Just be patient in affliction and know that you are not only on your way out of it, but on your way UP, as you will ascend into My glory, and receive My greater grace for all that you have endured. For I will reward you openly and your life will become a testimony of My goodness and mercy for you in the land of the LIVING, says the LORD.

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