You Are Unforgettable

You are unforgettable, says the LORD. Others may not recognize you, and may not fellowship with you or friendship you, and may overlook you and discard you as nothing, but that is NOT ME! I greatly value you and will not bypass you as if I have not seen you! I want to be with you, and love to hear your voice! I rejoice when you call upon My name, and I will answer you! You are precious and priceless to Me, says the LORD.

Do not surrender to the opinions of others, for their assessment of you and their judgments do NOT count. MINE DO, says the LORD. I have not rejected you and will NEVER abandon you as others have. You will never know abuse and abandonment from me. I Am that friend that wills stick closer to you than a brother, and you will never be alone. I will honor you as you have honored Me, and your faith in Me will never be discounted. You will be rewarded for your faithfulness, and rewarded for every good work that you have done for Me. For those things that you have done in secret, and those things that are unnoticed by others that you have done, will be openly rewarded, for I see them, know of them, and you are known and loved by Me, says the LORD.

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