I Know You, I See You, I Hear You, I Care

I know you, I see you, I hear you, and I care, says the LORD. I understand you. You never have to explain yourself to Me. I know your deepest thoughts, your greatest fears, and your pain that you even try to hide from others. I hear every word that you say, every prayer that you pray, and even know

Daily Devotional: Provisioned

Thank you, Lord, for your promise to supply all our need. We will not suffer hunger, or lack any good thing, because of your care for us, as our loving Heavenly Father. We trust you to take care of us and those we love, and grant us the desires of our hearts, as we pray. Amen.

Daily Devotional: God Will Answer Our Prayers

Thank you, Lord, for hearing and answering our prayers. We have that assurance that not only are you listening to us, but you will grant us all our petitions that we desire of you. Our faith is not in the things we see or hear or feel, but in your infallible WORD, your powerful presence, and your faithful love and

Daily Devotional: Make God Your Priority and Pursuit

Thank you, Lord, that when I make you the priority of My life, and seek you and your kingdom and righteous first, before any other thought or thing, you will give me everything that I need. I do not have to beg for your provision and blessings, but you will shower them down upon Me. You add these unspeakable gifts

I Will Hear and Answer Your Prayers

I will always hear and answer your prayers, says the LORD. All those who call upon My name will be received of Me and heard! You never have to wait for me to finish something else before I give you time and attention, for I will hear the cry of your heart, and even your thoughts that you direct toward

You are NEVER, Ever Alone

You are Never, ever alone, says the LORD. You are NOT alone in your problems. You are not alone in your concerns. You are not alone in the decisions that you need to make. You are not alone in the storms you face. You are not alone in your challenges. You are not alone in your work, and there is

Daily Devotional: God is Faithful

Thank you, Lord, that you have given us friendship and fellowship with you as the called out ones that you have saved by your own blood sacrifice and brought us into your family. We have intimacy, communion and a wonderful relationship with you. You are faithful to us, and we can depend upon you to meet all of your needs,

Perfect Harmony, Order, Timing, Purpose

Don’t frustrate yourself with endless thoughts and questions about: who? What? When? Where? How? says the Lord. You will only think and speak yourself into depression. I know the answers, and I know you. My understanding is infinite, and I will lead and guide you, one step at a time. You will see on spot provision, surprising connections, and unexpected

Daily Devotional: Never Forsaken

We thank you, Lord, that you will never cast us away. We are your children, your inheritance that you will never forget. Your love and compassion are unfailing, unimpeachable, and perpetual. Though others have forsaken us, you will not. You have the perfect answers for our complex problems, and we are blessed, because you are our everlasting Father GOD that

I Will Speak, Direct, and Help You

I Am teaching and training you to be completely dependent upon Me, says the LORD. Many times in the past you could do little things that were totally independent of any help from Me, because you knew how to do them yourself. But I Am showing you that even the little insignificant things are important to Me. It is not