God will Fulfill

You Have Purpose

God will FulfillI Am your creator and have given you life, says the LORD. What can you do without Me, I ask? The answer is, NOTHING! I have placed My breath in you, and every part of your being has been made by Me. I have recorded everything about you in My book and numbered every hair of your head. You are KNOWN by ME Who has made you for a purpose. Can you entrust your total care to ME? For there is nothing that I cannot do. There is nothing that I cannot fix. There is nothing that I cannot give you, and nothing that I cannot do for you that you need, says the LORD.

Every ability that you have has come from Me, says the LORD. Your very life is in My hands that formed you. I did not make you to abandon you or leave you without My help. I will lead and guide you into your full destiny purpose as you look to Me, and trust that not only do I value you, but I have good things in store for you. I will use you for My glory, as you entrust Me to be the LORD of your life. You will never be steered into a wrong direction, and the outcome will only be success for you. Give Me your all in all, and Make ME your all in all, and it will be well for you for now and evermore, says the LORD.

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