Your Future is in My Hands

Your future is in My hands, says the Lord. Do not look for doom’s day but trust Me for a brighter day. For I have marked My Own and I have inscribed My name upon them. They are My righteous ones that I have sanctified and made holy, because of their faith and trust in Me and My finished work on the cross. They have dedicated their lives to Me and are at My service and beacon call. I have preserved them, and I will yet preserve them. They are not appointed to wrath. The seal upon them is MY LOVE, says the LORD.

Do not fear what will be, but trust that I Am your place of safety and a shelter to you, even in the most intense storms, says the LORD. I AM big enough and strong enough to secure you and keep you until the storms pass by. Do not fear those things that will come but Make Me your only fear. Trust that I AM your keeper, your GREAT Shepherd, and I will never turn my back on you. I Am your place of safety, and will supply all your need, as you shift all your care onto me, always, says the LORD.

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