Your strength comes from ME, says the LORD! Your help comes from Me, for I Am your helper! Your wisdom and understanding that comes from Me is not earthly or sensual, but powerful and productive. You re NOT of this World and its systems. They are far below, and I have seated you with ME in heavenly places, that is FAR above every force of darkness. It is a seat of authority, says the LORD.

You will not be the door mat or foot stool for the enemy to walk all over, abuse or use you or position you to be under him, says the LORD. I have given you the power to tread upon the enemy, who has NO POWER or authority over you. You are not of his kingdom of darkness, but in My kingdom of light. You will do the treading. You will do the destroying. You will do the magnificent, for as you have clothed yourself in Me, clad yourself with My armor, and put ME on and use My sword and shield, you will always be a terror to the enemy and trample him underfoot, as he is NOTHING, says the LORD.

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