Be Bold, Courageous and Strong in Me

Be bold and courageous and strong in Me, says the LORD. You are not a quitter, but a mighty conqueror. You are NOT a loser, but a winner! You are not a push over, but you will do the pushing, you will put pressure on the enemy, and force him back. You will not give up what belongs to you, for MY GIFTS are without repentance. I did not bless you to be robbed and spoiled, but to be fat and full of My blessings and fully furnished onto EVERY good work. The devil has no rights and privileges and cannot possess your land. He is not in charge of your destination, and you are going to possess your PROMISED LAND, says the LORD.

The enemy has a lot to say, but there is NO TRUTH in what he speaks, says the LORD. Do not fear him or his lying, threatening words that WILL Fall to the ground. Give him NO PLACE in you, for he deserves NO THOUGHT, and not one emotion! He is not your god, not your life, not your boss, and is NOT in control. I AM! Not only are you to stand your ground, but you will drive the enemy out and possess his territory for MY KINGDOM. You will not give up ONE THING, but you will overtake, overpower, and overwhelm the enemy, and spoil his camp, destroy his works, defeat his purposes, as you fight against him as I have empowered you to do! You will not be robbed and spoiled, but you will pull down those strongholds of he enemy and become totally triumphant in ME, says the LORD.

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