Be Content and Thankful

Be content, says the LORD. For I have daily loaded you with benefits and filed your mouth with good things. Be thankful! Recognize My goodness and mercy for you in the and of the living, and credit Me for the many blessings that I have bestowed on you. Focus on the gifts and the assets that you have rather than the desires and deficits that you are troubled by. For I Am your merciful, doting Father, and will give you good things to enjoy, as you lift up your voice unto Me in thanksgiving and praise, and trust Me with your care at all times, says the LORD>

I have more than sustained you, says the LORD. Your confidence in Me and My infallible Word will prove to be productive for you at all times in your life. For I Am Faithful and True, not sometimes, but all times. You will never need to wonder where I Am, when you are already assured that I AM with you, always! You will not need to question My goodness and mercy, My compassion and faithfulness that I give you daily, but just receive it, enjoy it, expect it, and be thankful, for as the manna was given daily to My children in the wilderness, and was never failing, so SHALL I NEVER FAIL YOU, says the LORD.

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