Daily Devotional: Faithful and True

Lord, I thank you that you are always faithful and true to Me. I exalt your holy name and praise you for your wonderful works in My life and among your people. You are my wise counselor, leading me, instructing me, and giving me an enlightened path to walk upon. Thank you for your marvelous works in My life, and

I Will Give You the Increase

I will give you the increase, not the decrease, says the LORD. I will give you added strength, not weakness. I will give you unspeakable gifts that will not be taken away from you, and they are always good. The things that are negative and harmful are not from ME. I give you GOOD things to enjoy. I bless while

You are NEVER, Ever Alone

You are Never, ever alone, says the LORD. You are NOT alone in your problems. You are not alone in your concerns. You are not alone in the decisions that you need to make. You are not alone in the storms you face. You are not alone in your challenges. You are not alone in your work, and there is

Forever Faithful and True

Forever I am Faithful, says the Lord. Forever I Am true to you, true to My Word, true to My promises, and true in My love and devotion to you. I have not given you a bill of divorcement! I Am the lover of your soul, and one that sticks by you regardless of what happens, how you feel or

Daily Devotional: From Patience to Perfection

Lord, we thank you for your your presence and peace in the midst of our storms in life, as we wait patiently on you and trust in you through everything we face daily.  As we wait, hope, trust and believe, you are working things out.  Patience will lead to perfection and completion in us.  We will become stronger, more powerful,

Be Faithful

Be faithful at all times, says the Lord. For I Am always faithful and true. Don’t be tempted to quit and never compromise. For as you serve Me, do so with zeal. Be fully engaged in what I have called and chosen you to do, without hesitation. Little things count, and as you faithfully serve Me in the small things

I Will Pour Out My Grace and Favor Upon You

I will pour out My favor and grace upon you and you will walk in the light of My glory, says the LORD. I have created you to have fellowship with Me, and I have given you My mercy that endures forever. I Am full of compassion and gracious and kind. You do not have to beg Me to love

Be as I Am, Faithful and True

“The Lord says, Be as I Am, Faithful and True. For as I Am in Heaven, so I want you to be so on earth. I am always faithful. Be faithful in all you are, in all you do, in all you commit to, for this is WHO I Am, and this is what I AM in you. I Am

Return to Your First Love, Works, Zeal

Return unto your first love, your first works and your first zeal for Me and My kingdom, says the LORD. DO not coast. I do not want you to be a vehicle that is in neutral, that can make a lot of noise and put out a lot of fumes and burn a lot of fuel, but goes nowhere. I

I Am Your Everything

How Am I doing so far, I ask? Take a look at what I have done for you in the past, and what I Am doing for you right now, says the LORD. You have it made, because I Am your care giver and your source at all times. I never run out of answers for your endless questions, and