I have called you, equipped you and commanded you to be a profitable servant, says the LORD. As you follow My voice and make My kingdom and righteousness your pursuit, you will never be without direction! I will lead you and guide you by My Spirit in you and My still, small voice within. You will hear. OBEY! For I Am your Commander-in Chief, and I will order your steps and give you assignments that you will be fully prepared and equipped to fulfill, says the LORD.

My kingdom is everlasting, says the LORD. Your kingdom purpose in Me is eternal. It NEVER ceases. It is UNENDING, even as I have giving you everlasting life. SO shall you be! Your purpose is fixed, forever and as you fulfill what I have called you to do, your reward will be everlasting. I will be well-pleased with you as you hear My voice, follow the steps that I order for you, and do My will, that I will make known onto you! Then you will be a profitable servant, and your works will not be burned, but remain, when they are tried in the fire. You will hear Me say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a few things: I will make you a ruler over many things; Enter into the joys of the LORD.” Be My profitable servant, says the LORD.

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