You Are in the Palm of My Hands

Listen to My voice, says the LORD. I Am speaking. I will never lie to you, but will show you the path of righteousness that you are to walk in. You will not have to guess. I Am not the author of confusion, and you will have clarity of purpose. You will have clear vision. You will not have to

It’s Not Over

It’s not over. It is not done yet, says the LORD. You have not crossed the finished line yet. You can’t put down the sword and the shield yet. I have fully equipped you to complete every assignment that I have given you to do, and I Am not finished with you yet. The finals are not in yet and

Look unto Me at All Times

Look unto Me at all times, says the LORD, for as you do, you will not sink in the mire and the clay. You will be steady on your feet and become steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in My work. For many things are vying for your attention. Many voices are speaking that are like the contrary winds that are not