Be Patient

Be patient unto My coming and let patience have its perfect work in you that you may be perfect, entire, lacking nothing and fully furnished onto every good work I have called you to do, says the LORD. For with patience you will possess your own soul as it will become a renegade. You will be able to take control of it, your own mind, will and emotions, and imprison negative thoughts, fears and unbelief. You will dictate what you can then think, what you will believe, what you will feel, for your emotions will no longer hold you captive, but you will direct them, coral them and command them as you patiently wait on Me to do what I can only do and change what only I can change and heal what Only I can heal. Then as you wait on me to act and fulfill My promises, you will not wring your hands in the process of waiting on Me to furnish you, perfect you, provide for you, position you and prepare you for what I will do with you rather than for you, says the Lord.

Use the patience I have given you and look onto ME, the Author and finisher of your faith, while trusting that I have heard your prayers, see your need, know the desires of your heart and will fulfill you. I will do what is best, without delay or denial as you entrust Me not only with the promises and the provisions, but the process. You are becoming and you are growing and changing. You are developing and I Am working, says the Lord. Be patient onto My coming to execute My justice and judgment. Be patient onto My coming on the scenes to do great and mighty things on your behalf. Be patient onto my coming as your healer, your provider, your delivered. Be patient onto My coming to turn things around for you. Be confident in My unfailing live, My infallible Word and My indisputable power. I have you in the palm of My hands and you are in good company with Me on your side and you will never be disappointed as you wait on Me Patiently to bring things to pass for you and give you the desires of your heart, says the Lord.

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