Daily Devotional: Possessing the Promises

Lord, we thank you that you have made us holy and given us your righteousness by our faith in your shed blood for us and finished work on the cross. You have granted us deliverance, holiness, and we shall possess our possessions in our personal promised land, because we belong to you. Amen.

Don’t Cast Away Your Confidence in Me

Don’t cast away your confidence in Me, says the LORD. I have never left you! I will not withhold My love from you, ever. You will never know a breach of contract with Me. I keep My promises, fulfill My Word, and finish My good works that I have begun. I will perfect that which concerns you, because I said

I Will Restore You

I will restore you, says the LORD. I will resurrect your dreams and visions that you have buried and abandoned long ago. Nothing is past the point of possibility, and your funeral ceremonies will be replaced by songs of deliverance. For you will also be amazed when you revisit those things you thought were dead, dry, decayed and no longer

Precious, Priceless, Powerful, Productive, Progressive Promises

My promises are precious, priceless, powerful, productive and progressive, says the LORD. They are for YOU! I have no favorites, and all that I have spoken, all that I have given, all that I have provided is for YOUR benefit. I daily load you with BENEFITS, not burdens. I will give you the increase, not the decrease. I will pour

Trust in the LORD

Cancel every appointment that you have with the enemy, says the LORD. He will never keep his word, for everything he does is a lie. He is not on your side, cannot promote you, cannot bless you, cannot lengthen your days, cannot prosper you, and will only deceive you and set you up for ultimate destruction, as he laughs at

There is NO Breach of Promise with Me

There is no breach of promise with ME, says the LORD. I will fulfill them, completely and perfectly, as you believe and receive the ingrafted Word that I have given you in your heart and life. All will become a tangible reality for you. For there is power in My Word, and power in your faith that refuses to cower

Daily Devotional: Faith Sees the Answer

Thank you, Lord, that as I place my faith and trust in you, you will give me everything that I hope for. My faith in you gives me tangible substance to all that I hope for and entrust to your care. You will grant me the desires of my heart, answer my prayers, supply my need, and fulfill every promise,

Daily Devotional: You Will Perform Your Word

Thank you, Lord, that as I embrace your promises for myself and take you at your Word, there will be a performance of those things that I believe you will do in my life and those I entrust to your care. What you have spoken, you will do, for your Words are spirit and life in Me, around me, and

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

You have heard in the past, Merchants promising you, “Satisfaction Guaranteed,” only to be disappoint and disillusioned, because they did not honor their word, says the LORD. You trusted that they would stand behind their claims, and you suffered the loss. But I will NOT disappoint you, says the LORD. When I tell you that I will fully satisfy you,

I Am the Great Physician

I Am the Great Physician, says the LORD. I don’t practice medicine, I Am the cure. I Am the Living God, the LIVING Word, and it is penetrating, life giving, healing, delivering, restoring, renewing, strengthening, and empowering. There is no guess work with Me. My understanding is infinite, and My power is unsurpassed. You can totally trust in My care